Trumpcare Implodes, Crazy Fat Kid Makes Empty Threats, Montenegro 3/29/17

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Media Monday 3/27/17

Meme Mondays have now been broadened to Media Monday! Hope you enjoy!

The Cabinet, Part Two (Sessions, Zinke, Ross) 3/25/17

Part two of our run-down of Trump’s cabinet!

The Cabinet, Part One (Tillerson, Mnuchin, Mattis) 3/24/17

Part one of our factual rundown of Trump’s cabinet!

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Republicans Go To Hell, Tomi Lahren Suspended, French Elections 3/22/17

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Meme Monday Memes 3/20/17

Meme Monday 3/20/17

The Mediator podcast’s first ever Meme Monday!

Trump Administration’s Actions So Far 3/17/17

The Mediator’s first ever Fact Friday! The Trump administration’s actions thus far.