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Scandal Race, Susan Rice Under Fire, Chemical Attack in Syria 4/5/17

Our weekly news show!

Media Monday 4/3/17

Welcome back to another exciting Media Monday!

The Cabinet, Part Four (Perry, DeVos, Shulkin) 4/1/17

The fourth installment of our series on the Cabinet!

  • Rick Perry
    • I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader
    • Long-time Texas governor
    • Strange interest in meaningless child elections?
  • Betsy DeVos
    • Extremely weathly
    • Lobbyist in Michigan
    • Education compared to ride-sharing?
  • David Shulkin
    • Unanimous confirmation
    • Very successful doctor
    • Not a veteran


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The Cabinet, Part Three (Price, Carson, Chao) 3/31/17

Part three of our series on the Cabinet!

Trumpcare Implodes, Crazy Fat Kid Makes Empty Threats, Montenegro 3/29/17

The weekly news show!


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Media Monday 3/27/17

Meme Mondays have now been broadened to Media Monday! Hope you enjoy!

The Cabinet, Part Two (Sessions, Zinke, Ross) 3/25/17

Part two of our run-down of Trump’s cabinet!

The Cabinet, Part One (Tillerson, Mnuchin, Mattis) 3/24/17

Part one of our factual rundown of Trump’s cabinet!